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Silly Puppy Gets Stuck in a Plug Hole

This is the inquisitive puppy who gave himself and his owners a fright after he got his head stuck in the plug hole of a kitchen sink. Tyson became trapped in the discarded basin while he was out playing with his brother Rocky in a Leicestershire garden on Sunday. Thankfully the poor eight-week-old was released by vets later, after an attempt to ease his head back out using shampoo as a lubricant failed at home.

Tyson was fed a sedative and as he relaxed medical staff gave his little body a wiggle and his head slipped back out of the plug hole. Owner Nilu Odedra, from Leicester, had to drive Tyson – and the kitchen sink – to an animal surgery, where vets were relieved to find a sedative and a bit of maneuvering was all that was needed to free the German shepherd rottweiler cross. Everything turned out fine in the end though, and the puppy was back to his playful self within a few hours!

Animals can get into all kinds of mischief, and unfortunately some of these can result in some serious accidents and injuries. If you have been involved in an accident, contact AJR solicitors today. AJR Solicitors specialises in accident claims and is based just outside of Birmingham.

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