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Road Traffic Accident – Motorcycles are Not Toys

To anyone that doesn’t ride a motorcycle, they are often seen as extremely dangerous and risky methods of transport and are accidents waiting to happen. For motorcycle riders, they are the only way to travel and nothing else is even close to being the same. As a person who has previously owned a motorcycle, I can see both sides of the store – they offer a unique experience (one that driving can not give you) and are great at getting through traffic. Motorcycles are great fun, if somewhat inconvenient when the weather gets bad. However, there is no denying that the risk of injury is greater when riding a motorcycle than when driving a car, and that it is easier for motorcycle accidents to happen for newer riders simply from losing balance or control.

One of the main reasons for so many new riders having accidents on motorcycles is trying to ride something that is outside of their own capabilities. It is so easy to access a high-powered motorcycle and since you can legally ride any motorcycle of any size as soon as you pass, more often than not new riders will tend to go for a larger motorcycle than they can handle. This leads to a huge amount of accidents, and when it is the rider that is involved in an accident then it is his/her own fault, but when somebody else is involved then it becomes a serious issue.

An unfortunate accident involving a new rider and a schoolgirl happened recently, which resulted in her being killed. A schoolgirl aged just 13 was killed on her first ever motorcycle ride as a pillion passenger when the newly qualified rider was unable to maintain control of the powerful 1200cc Suzuki motorcycle. Although the the tragic accident had fatal consequences, it is also one that could have been avoided had the rider taken the correct precautions. The motorcycle rider should have been responsible enough to ensure that the young passenger had been wearing suitable protective gear as the law dictates, this includes clothing and a helmet but she was simply dressed in pyjamas with no helmet. Add that to the fact that he was a new rider using a 1200cc bike (which is very powerful and recommended for more experienced riders), and that he managed to reach 29mph within 20 meters, it is clear that he was rapidly accelerating. Any responsible motorcycle rider would not have let the young passenger on the motorcycle without the protective gear, let alone on a high powered motorcycle that he could barely handle himself.

Thus, the accident was caused by a series of negligent actions by the rider and could have been avoided if he was not so keen to show off to the young teenager. The accident was still an extremely tragic event, and one that he will likely be reflecting on for the rest of his life. He has since been jailed for 18 months and banned from driving for four years.

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  1. I did think Archie would reach the pedals, do they make motorcycles that small, how does he turn the accelerator with his paws.

    How many treats did his owner give him in the training.

    All these vital questions have gone unanswered!

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