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Incredible Parking Record Broken

Parking is not the easiest task in the world – some people really struggle at it. These however, are not those people. Not only do they pull off parallel parking with ease, they do it as a high speed manoeuvre whilst fitting perfectly into the smallest of gaps. Smallest being no more than five inches of space between the cars – which is exactly what has been done by not just one person, but two brothers to simultaneously break the Guiness World Record.

The brothers used their amazing accuracy and driving skills to beat the previous world record, held by Ronny Wechselberger, which measured in at 14cm. Driving vintage Mini Mayfairs, each of the brothers attempted the stunt, watched on by the cameras and adjudicators. They had to skid the car into the space in one go, without touching either of the other vehicles or a white mark which outlined what would normally be the pavement


With the record broken twice in one day, the brothers can now celebrate being joint record holders! Getting the car out without bumping into anything however may be an entirely different task. Remember not to try this yourselves, chances are you may end up with more than just a scratch on your car! If you have been involved in an accident, contact AJR Solicitors today. AJR Solicitors specialises in personal injury and accident claims, and is based just outside of Birmingham.

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