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Helicopter Crash in London

Two people have been killed and at least two more have been injured as a helicopter collided into a crane at the top of the tower near Vauxhall Bridge today at 8am. It is believed that very low cloud led to extremely low levels of visibility, meaning that the helicopter pilot was unlikely to be able to see the crane until it was too late. The helicopter was not carrying any passengers at the time, but the burning wreckage from the helicopter has fallen onto the busy streets below leading to havoc and panic at one of the biggest commuting hubs in London.

The London Fire Brigade swiftly dispatched eight fire engines, four rescue units and around 60 firefighters to the scene to help stabilize the situation alongside several ambulances and police officers. With traffic gridlocked in the area however, it was difficult for the emergency services to get to the scene effectively, but hopefully the effects of the accident will be contained and kept under control once they arrive.

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