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Dhaka Factory Collapse Update

Bangladeshi police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anxious relatives as they overcrowded the site of a Bangladeshi collapsed clothes factory building where nearly 300 people were killed.

At the disaster scene exhausted teams of soldiers, firemen and volunteers continue to work through the mountain of mangled concrete and steel for a third day after staying on the job for a second straight night.  Amid frustration about the slow pace of the efforts, thousands of anxious relatives stormed the site prompting police to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd, and leaving 50 injured.

‘We want to go inside the building and find our people now. They will die if we don’t find them soon,’ said Shahinur Rahman, whose mother is missing at the site where workers made cheap clothes for Primark.

Today crews bored deeper into the wreckage hoping for miracle rescues that would prevent the death toll from rising much higher.Some of those trapped under fallen concrete in the Rana Plaza building were still alive, rescue workers said, but they were so badly hurt and weakened that they will need to be extricated within a few hours if they are to survive.

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