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Deer On The Loose in Chelmsford

This is possibly one of the most bizarre starts to the New Year for Chelmsford High Street, as a wild deer was spotted running rampant through the busy shopping street. The adult male deer was caught on CCTV as it ran down the high street, causing some panic and confusion (to itself as well as to local shoppers) as it tried to escape. Unfortunately, the deer did manage to injure some people as it attempted a hasty getaway. The most serious injury was done to a woman aged 24, who was was given first aid for ‘facial lacerations and a black eye’ after the deer knocked her over on Chelmsford High Street in Essex. Luckily she was taken to Chelmsford’s Broomfield Hospital where she was treated for ‘a minor head injury’ and later discharged.

The deer was later reported to have been spotted near junction 18 of the A12 heading towards Colchester, but despite their efforts the Police have lost track of the animal. Taken from the Daily Mail:

“A spokesman for Essex Police said: ‘It [the deer] had found its way into unfamiliar territory and did what any wild animal would do in the circumstances.’

A spokesman for the East Anglian Ambulance Service said ‘We understand the deer, in its attempt to get away, barged into a number of people, sending some to the pavement.

‘It also dazed itself when it hit a plate glass window.

‘The young woman was treated for minor facial injuries, then taken by us to Broomfield Hospital.'”

This just goes to show that accidents can happen at any time, under the strangest circumstances. I don’t think that anyone can predict being run over by a deer in the middle of a shopping district. Car accidents and other injuries are understandable, but some things people will just never see coming.


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