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Road Traffic Accident – Motorcycles are Not Toys

To anyone that doesn’t ride a motorcycle, they are often seen as extremely dangerous and risky methods of transport and are accidents waiting to happen. For motorcycle riders, they are the only way to travel and nothing […]

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Self Driving Cars – The End of Car Accidents?

Could car accidents be a thing of the past? Volvo certainly hopes so with the development of its new prototype cars. These “crash-proof” cars are filled with sensors and computers designed to make it impossible for the […]

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Road Traffic Accident – College Student Killed in Crash

Don’t drink and drive, one of the most fundamental pieces of advice that you could give to any motorist. Because of this many people will wisely choose to stay the night somewhere instead of driving after a […]

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Woman Killed By A Tree?

Sometimes, you can see accidents coming. There are obvious dangers that we can avoid – that’s why we learn things like the highway code in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents will happen […]

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Road Traffic Accidents – Record Breaking Compensation Claim

Car accidents are life changing. Hopefully, neither of us will ever be involved in one. Unfortunately as long as there are drivers, there will be road accidents – this is a fact of life. For most of […]

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Accidents, Injuries and Silver Linings

The old saying is “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (or at least something along those lines) and while I don’t really believe it, I will concede that there are perhaps some instances that it may […]

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My Views on Life

I have always been a firm believer that many things in the world are more black and white than they seem – that everything seems overly complicated, convoluted and crowded in an attempt to mask what things […]

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