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Road Traffic Accident – College Student Killed in Crash

Don’t drink and drive, one of the most fundamental pieces of advice that you could give to any motorist. Because of this many people will wisely choose to stay the night somewhere instead of driving after a […]

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Woman Killed By A Tree?

Sometimes, you can see accidents coming. There are obvious dangers that we can avoid – that’s why we learn things like the highway code in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents will happen […]

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Road Traffic Accidents – Record Breaking Compensation Claim

Car accidents are life changing. Hopefully, neither of us will ever be involved in one. Unfortunately as long as there are drivers, there will be road accidents – this is a fact of life. For most of […]

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Tragic Accident – Train crashes through war veteran parade

A terrible accident has happened at what should have been a happy and celebratory event. Road traffic accidents happen every day around the world, but this particular accident not only suffered a large number of casualties, but […]

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Woman Falls to her Death in Bullring Birmingham

If you have a fear of heights like I do, then there is no doubt that the high balconies in the Bullring have at the very least caught your attention and the thought of accidently falling off […]

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Woman Killed in Accident at Linkin Park Concert

An unfortunate accident happened in South Africa today, leaving many injured and a local woman dead. A 32-year-old woman died and 19 others were injured when a scaffolding tower collapsed at a Linkin Park concert. Rescue teams […]

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Road Traffic Accident – Alum Rock Car Crash

Accidents can happen at any time and sometimes it is completely unavoidable. You can be walking down the street and out of nowhere something could happen. Whilst it may seem like something you would hear out of […]

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Motorcyclist Driven to Hospital by Brother after Ambulances Don’t Arrive

This is possibly one of the worst situations you can imagine yourself in after a road traffic accident. After being in an accident, you are then left suffering in pain waiting for the ambulance, but in this […]

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World’s Highest Pylons Constructed in China

If you think you have a scary work environment, then considering working at a height of nearly 900 ft is probably out of the question for you. Images have emerged of Chinese power grid workers installing the […]

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Accidents, Injuries and Silver Linings

The old saying is “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (or at least something along those lines) and while I don’t really believe it, I will concede that there are perhaps some instances that it may […]

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