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Child Killed in Rookery Road Accident

An unfortunate road accident happened on Friday morning in Birmingham, which has resulted in a toddler dying in hospital. The accident happened at around 10.15am at the junction of Rookery Road and Mervyn Road in Handsworth. ‘A […]

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Huge Earthquake Devastates Iran

Natural disasters can be terrifying, massively destructive, and perhaps most worryingly of all, extremely unpredictable. Because of this, natural disasters generally cause a large number of casualties and bring massive amounts of property destruction, leaving behind massive […]

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Incredible Parking Record Broken

Parking is not the easiest task in the world – some people really struggle at it. These however, are not those people. Not only do they pull off parallel parking with ease, they do it as a […]

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Silly Puppy Gets Stuck in a Plug Hole

This is the inquisitive puppy who gave himself and his owners a fright after he got his head stuck in the plug hole of a kitchen sink. Tyson became trapped in the discarded basin while he was […]

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Teenager Killed in Police Car Chase Accident

A teenager has died in a car accident after his car hit a central reservation and somersaulted down a dual carriageway while being chased by police. The 19-year-old, named locally as Matt Seddon, was thrown from the […]

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Rush Hour Chaos on the M6

Commuters this morning may have noticed traffic was moving slower than normal – even for M6 rush hour standards. Unfortunately, this was caused by two separate accidents on the M6 near Birmingham which brought traffic to a […]

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Helicopter Crash in London

Two people have been killed and at least two more have been injured as a helicopter collided into a crane at the top of the tower near Vauxhall Bridge today at 8am. It is believed that very […]

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Deer On The Loose in Chelmsford

This is possibly one of the most bizarre starts to the New Year for Chelmsford High Street, as a wild deer was spotted running rampant through the busy shopping street. The adult male deer was caught on […]

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Road Traffic Accident – Motorcycles are Not Toys

To anyone that doesn’t ride a motorcycle, they are often seen as extremely dangerous and risky methods of transport and are accidents waiting to happen. For motorcycle riders, they are the only way to travel and nothing […]

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Self Driving Cars – The End of Car Accidents?

Could car accidents be a thing of the past? Volvo certainly hopes so with the development of its new prototype cars. These “crash-proof” cars are filled with sensors and computers designed to make it impossible for the […]

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